Friday, 29 May 2009

Vicki's Off to Poland

Hello Darlings!

It's been a long time! I've been feeling neglected of late but it's finally time to dust me off and pack me up, I'm heading off to Poland for a week. Hopefully Mr. P will take some fabulous pictures for Perp to post when I get back.

Hugs and Kisses your way,

Vicki Stripes


Thursday, 28 May 2009

I'm tired. I've just burnt the breakfast muffins I've made for tomorrow morning.

I have been drawing, drawing, drawing this past week. Pictures to come. I think this next portrait will be titled "Wild Thing." We'll see.

My expressive drawing class is going well. My instructor has been quite pleased with my progress. I find drawing from nude models quite a challenge. I often tape the drawings, which are quite massive, (approx. a third to a half the height of my wall) on the walls of our living room and office to self-critique for a couple of days and determine what changes I possibly would make. After the kids get home from school on Wednesdays I find my sticky notes missing from their assigned drawer and pasted over all offensive dangly bits on said drawings. I threatened to hang the whole lot out for their birthday parties coming up in the next few weeks for their friends. They weren't amused.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

American White Ibis Complete

Coloured Pencil on White Stonehenge

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Today we sculpted our model in clay instead of drawing her. This was my first time working with clay like this. It started off badly, but finished well. It's funny how much easier I found it to get the proportions correct than when drawing them. I actually wouldn't mind trying wax next time as instead of clay. It's supposed to hold it's form better.

The instructor I have had for these past 3 semesters is amazing. I was watching her working some clay today. She's a petite very slim lady with very strong muscular hands. She called her hands "farmer hands." I have to say though I thought they were more beautiful than any perfectly manicured hand out there. I suppose seeing what they produce leaves me in awe of them.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

"Breeze" Complete

"Breeze" (Brise)
Coloured pencil on white Stonehenge

My butt got wet sitting here

His butt got wet sitting here

He wasn't wet at all, just hungry

Monday, 11 May 2009

Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Latest Poop

My Mom received a phone call the other evening. It was Grandma.

"I'm at the hotel and I'm ready for you to come and pick me up now." Grandma told Mom.

"Ummm, Mom, you're at [insert name of nursing home here]." Mom replied.

"Hmmm.....noooo! I don't think so!?" she insists.

"Yes Mom, you are at [insert name of nursing home here]." Mom repeats.

"Well, they're just getting me ready for bed. Let me check...." Grandma checks with the nursing staff trying to ready her for bed and then returns to the phone.

"Your right! I am at [insert name of nursing home here]. In that case, pick me up tomorrow instead. Bye."


We had a tornado here while I was gone on my blogging vacation. It was an F zero. Hit all of the adjacent neighborhoods to ours but didn't even leave a stick on the street here. Tore off bits of roofs, threw a kid across a street apparently. It took down some very large trees and did some other menacing things like destroying outdoor furniture at my favourite Starbucks.

Bastard tornado! Now where the heck am I supposed to sit this summer. It rammed the tables right into the Tim Horton's drive through next door. What are they supposed to do with them? They don't even have a patio!


I had my first request for an autograph this past week. It was from that kind artist who previously had liked my painting "Oh Rats!" I was very humbled by his encouraging words and he provided me with a bit of advice when I shyly thanked him.

"WAKE UP!" he suggested. Good advice. How can I sell paintings if I act like I'm shocked when someone else likes them. I am grateful to him!


The weather is warm, the flowers are starting to bloom, the coffee shops have their patios set up (well....the ones that still have patio furniture), I've purchased a couple of great art books lately and I've just finished my painting "Breeze" with the girl on the beach. It's hanging at "La Veille Alliance" in Aylmer, Quebec. If you don't want to buy the painting then go and try a pastry or the most delicious bread anywhere. They also serve coffee and lunch. Don't say I sent you unless your manners are impeccable, OK?

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, 8 May 2009

I'm Baaackkkkk!

I'm not dead. Not that it much matters though in the grand scheme of things. I just took a blogging vacation. Why?

I was starting to dream about the various blogs I visit on a more regular basis. The final straw was when I was being chased by Bella Rum's Fathers dentures around the neighbourhood. I thought perhaps I needed a break. Now I'm back. It was like detoxing. Or at least what I imagine detoxing would be like. I struggled to forget and fought the urge to run down and blog about something funny that happened. I probably could use another week or two, but here I am. I'm back.

I now have enough people to do my apple demonstration. I'll work on that and hopefully will post it later this month or early June.