Friday, 13 July 2007


When I mention the word curfew, most people would think about children and adolescence. It's something used to help keep our younger folks safe and out of trouble after the fall of darkness. Most wouldn't think of mandatory curfews being in place for individuals their 90's!

My Grandmother is 94 years old. She has a curfew. Back to the Nursing home before 9pm or you're locked out baby! Just pull up a rock and sleep on the sidewalk cause you aren't getting in!

Now I'm sure there are rules such as this for safety reasons. Someone wandering in or out of the nursing home when there are possibly less staff to deal with them at night. Perhaps they are worried about undesirables coming into the home from off the street.

I never stopped to seriously think it could be to contain troublesome behavior on the part of the older folks. At least not until I watched Grandma start rockin' to Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" on the way home. Then I started to remember.

At the age of 90, my Grandmother and her second husband could be seen cruising around the city in a new Volkswagon Beetle, (it's a very comfortable ride she told me.) decked out in leather coats, pants and boots. They were both always at the height of fashion. Hair perfectly coiffed, make-up and jewelry. She looked pretty good too;-) She has all her original teeth. Perfect and white. How I don't know, but true.

Soon after that, the housework became too much of a chore and they decided to move to a nursing home. He lost all will to live and passed on not long after. I think his son had instructed him in this. He is a well respected doctor. At least to some. I can't imagine telling my parents time to let go, so don't eat or drink for a couple of weeks and you can pass painfully away. From where I was sitting, that's what it looked like happened.

My Grandmother is a fighter though. She lost her first husband and 36 year old son to cancer within a month of each other. She has had two of her Grandsons fight brain tumors, and lost a Granddaughter at aged 40 suddenly to an aneurysm. Brother's and sisters have passed ahead of her. Her Mother died at 102. She was a fighter as well.

I was getting sleepy and decided to forgo asking if she minded my turning on the radio. I thought perhaps if I kept it low enough it wouldn't bother her sitting in the passenger seat beside me. Her mind isn't as sharp as it used to be, but there's nothing wrong with her ears!

I tuned in my favourite radio station to find they were playing a set of Billy Idol tunes. "Oh brother!" I thought as I turned it down further. Of all the Artists to start with, I was hoping for something a wee bit more mellow.

As we drew closer to her residence I could hear a tapping to match the music which soon became a full fledged drumming from beside me. Normally I'd yell at the kids to stop. I can't stand a back seat drummer. But I couldn't this time. My Grandmother was enjoying herself too much. She was keeping perfect time to "Rebel Yell." Head bobbing, humming and smiling.

Maybe there is a reason some 94 year olds have a curfew after all!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

This is a practice on using coloured pencils. I've got much to do on this one still, but how much work should one put into a practice picture?