Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Like my new mouse cover?

I'm swimming in a sea of ordinary. Normal people surround me at every turn.
I've not seen a single solitary gnome this whole entire week. (except my own.)
Speedy actually stops the bus to let my children on and off.
No weird people have asked me for my opinion on their choice of purchases at the big "Wallies."

Sometimes the abnormality of normal needs a little push to return to the normal of abnormality. Tonight feels like a night for bunny ears at church.

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Only a couple more weeks and a very small amount of make-up, and this lovely lady will be greeting kiddies at the door!

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

It's Monday morning again. At least in my head. Long weekends do that to me. Extra long weekends just make me crazy.

Due to Thanksgiving being this past Monday, garbage day will be pushed back until Saturday from Friday. This does not bode well for me or the turkey carcass just screaming to escape the clutches of the sealed garbage can to the ever waiting little grubby hands of squirrels. It was a wild turkey the other half of we caught this past Spring. They will set it free once again all over my driveway. I can look forward to cleaning it up. Frequently.

I had gotten a fair amount of yard work completed this weekend. I'm sore. It's not so much that I'm out of shape as my shape is ever changing and my current form isn't conducive to hard physical labour.

My piano teacher told me that gardening is bad for my hands as far as the piano goes. If I get a note from her, is that like getting a note from your doctor? Can I stop the gardening indefinately? At least for as long as I am studying piano?

I found my gnome again amounst the overgrown, dried out echinacea and poppies. Why doen't my gnome help me with the yard work. What good are the blasted things if they don't give a hand once in a while!? I suppose they are like any celebrity. All presence and no substance. I am assuming they are celebrities after all, since they do have their faces on gum packages, and t.v. commercials. I can't seem to go a whole day without seeing one of the hideous creations plastered across something.

Well, I've pretty much covered everything for today. Except.....no, I'll leave my rant about "Speedy" the bus driver for another day.

Friday, 6 October 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.

I can say that early because, the school board decided that wouldn't it be fun to tack a PD day onto a long weekend and give the parents four days home with whining, fighting, energetic kids.

We actually celebrated last weekend since my sister is moving to Nova Scotia. We couldn't have a family fight at the dinner table without her after all. Think of what she would be missing.

We headed up to my parents a whole week early so that Mr. P. could act as if his seat was on fire, and my Father could turn red and even I could get into the fray this time, wanting to jump across the table and give my brother in law a good shake. At the end of the political discussion I suggested we move onto a rousing talk on religion, but it was decided it was better not to. They had a large trip ahead of them, and it would have been hard to drive in a body cast.

Thank God they didn't start talking about hockey! We would have all ended up in the hospital!

I don't think, other than grace, we actually mentioned we were thankful for anything. I'll save that for a quiet weekend at home on the actual date. Maybe over the turkey Mr. P shot last spring. I hope he fits in the oven......the turkey that is. As in the wild bird, not Mr. P.